Enmity with the World

July 26, 2019: Seo

Maybe you can guess what today’s message was about, from the title of this post. The passage was James 4:1-10. We first went through the passage and explained the literal meaning, verse-by-verse. Then, we dived into certain themes.

  • The Spirit in us gets jealous when we become too close to the world (v5)
  • A key point is that when we pray and ask from God, we don’t receive because we actually end up asking with the wrong motives (v2)
  • As we live life, the Spirit within us faces temptations from all sides. There is the pride of life (which comes in battle with our will), the lust of the eyes (which can cause our mind to become weak), and the lust of the flesh (which pervades our body)
  • There should be nothing that one would want, should, or can give in exchange for their soul. Seo reminded us of Lot’s wife, that as Lot’s family was evacuating – his wife looked back and became a pillar of salt. “Don’t get attracted to anything that might tempt you to look back”. It is known that when we rise to join our Father in heaven, we can bring nothing with us. Therefore, let us be reminded to store our treasures in heaven, and not on earth. For in the end, all will fade and erode, til nothing remains.

We were reminded that to have enmity with the world comes more easily when we are implanted with the Word. The living word to take root in us and manifest it in our lives, daily. Salvation to be shown through the implanted Word and the indwelling Spirit, so we might be redeemed.

Humans faced the fall from goodness, when sin penetrated into humankind’s hearts. Satan uses the world to drain us not only of our time, but to use the things of the system to bind us and make us distant from God. The whole world lies in the evil one, and the world’s elements end up cutting into each one of us. Slowly or quickly, over time – we become consumed with worldly riches, desires, temptations, etc.

Bottom line, we must remain humble and regularly check our hearts. We do not want to end up like a tree that is uprooted when the times get difficult or question our faith. Day after day, let us become nourished by the living Word and to seek the Holy Spirit to work within us, for those around us.

And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.


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